A New Chapter: Strategic Acquisition and Team Expansion


It's official! DRAKKAR Digital has announced the acquisition of the Zone Franche communications agency in Montreal, which has also had an office in France for several years.  

By combining their expertise, experience and talent to that of DRAKKAR Digital’s, the company is now positioned to offer all its customers, in Canada and in France, a new public relations service.  

I would like to take a moment to thank Marie-Françoise Hervieu for her trust and collaboration over the past months. She is an accomplished, passionate and resilient businesswoman.” said Simon.  

This strategic partnership is complemented by the arrival of Céline Manesse and Yoan Manesse of YMCM, to the DRAKKAR Digital team. This unification is the culmination of several years of exchanges and meetings between them and Simon.

Their leadership and entrepreneurial spirit are supported by a mindset and values that are very similar to mine. This mirror effect is perfect, considering the ocean that separates us.” added Simon Lauzier, President of DRAKKAR Digital.  

The future is bright for DRAKKAR Digital. The combined strengths from this merger will undoubtedly lead to unparalleled success, significantly enhancing international growth in technology, marketing, and communication.

Service Update

Our Fleet and Dock outsourcing operations will now be provided by a new affiliate of DRAKKAR, Ekkinox! 

Learn more at Ekkinox.com