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Our Fleet and Dock outsourcing operations will now be provided by a new affiliate of DRAKKAR, Ekkinox! 

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More than 30 years of challenges, successes and excellence for your viewing pleasure

The history of DRAKKAR


The year 2022 marks the global expansion of DRAKKAR Digital's expertise on French soil, through the creation of the Quebec Consortium for Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity, of which it is a founding member. The official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Grand-Est Region and Quebec paves the way for new Franco-Canadian business opportunities that will lead to successful partnerships. DRAKKAR Logistics is also experiencing a major turning point with the establishment of two new warehouses in the major metropolitan areas of Montreal and Toronto, adding over 300,000 square feet to support the global demand for logistics services. This geographic and strategic expansion solidifies the asset-based business positioning of the DRAKKAR Group and its operating business units as well as strengthens their presence in Canada, the United States and now France.


“It has been 30 years since DRAKKAR set sail to deliver operational excellence to its customers. If determination has guided our ambitions towards success, we had no idea that this adventure would lead to three decades of growth and success. What a source of great pride! Throughout this remarkable journey at the local, national and international levels, we have been able to build a solid, current and trendy Group, thanks to the support of skilled and dedicated workers, partners and collaborators, as well as loyal customers, all driven by the same values that make up the DNA of our ecosystems and operating business units. Together, we have the power to shape the future in our image.”

- Denis Deschamps - President and Chief Executive Officer | Michel Blaquière - President and Chief Operating Officer of DRAKKAR Group (Holding)

Not only does 2021 mark DRAKKAR's 30th anniversary, it also highlights the creation of a new affiliate, Argo MRT Americas, under the leadership of DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation. This new company offers industry-leading mobile repair services to OEMs, MROs, operators and aircraft lessors throughout the Americas, as well as highly privileged access to the European network, and in the near future, the Asian market, through its well-established sister companies under Argo MRT.


After over 25 years of evolution, DRAKKAR is undergoing a profound transformation that is sure to make its mark.DRAKKAR’s purpose is clearer than ever: to provide professional outsourcing expertise for major clients from a range of industries, including aerospace, defence, transportation and retail.

With new IT systems, a shift to digital technology, a redesign of its trademark, major investments in innovation, a new head office in downtown Montréal designed with an eye to collaboration, and major partnerships in the manufacturing, digital and marketing sectors, DRAKKAR is starting its transition to a global positioning.

DRAKKAR is changing today the lives of 2,500 workers.


DRAKKAR continued to develop a strong culture of partnerships with a large number of companies from various leading-edge sectors and areas of expertise as Logistics, Aeronautics, Transportation, Engineering and Industrialization. DRAKKAR concluded new business opportunities and experienced technology advances and major successes. Its business model evolved quickly on the local, national and international scenes, with partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. While maintaining its recruitment offer for one-time, temporary, permanent and contractual needs for specialized and skilled workforce, DRAKKAR had shown an increasing propensity for outsourcing and operational management for years on behalf of industry-leading clients. DRAKKAR pursed its initial mission: to ensure operational execution that integrates to its partners’ and clients’ business plans efficiently, smoothly and transparently.


DRAKKAR is at a turning point. It has formed a partnership with the European group AAA, a major player in the aerospace industry that specializes in services for a range of civil and military aircraft. As part of a strategic alliance, the two companies have opened the subsidiary AAA Canada, an on-site manufacturing company that delivers specialized subcontracting and technical assistance services for industrialization, production and supplier monitoring processes in the aerospace and transportation sectors.


DRAKKAR consolidated its presence in public and private markets, both in Quebec and Ontario. In addition to its recruitment services, it launched an innovative and promising business positioning: outsourcing. Clients were so satisfied with the employees assigned to them and the related efficiency of operations mandated, they decided to increase the scope and reach of ongoing recruitment mandates and outsourced the management of their activities to DRAKKAR. Serious players in leading-edge industries entrusted DRAKKAR with major outsourcing mandates at their operational sites. DRAKKAR kept growing and diversifying and opened new offices and branches.


DRAKKAR grew out of a partnership between two Quebec entrepreneurs, Michel BLAQUIÈRE and Denis DESCHAMPS, who believe that people determine a company’s growth, strength and success. This shared vision and their business acumen formed the basis for a solid and lasting business relationship, which is a symbol of prosperity, of course, but above all of excellence, passion, determination and collaboration. Combined with a strong desire to innovate, these values inspired DRAKKAR to make a place for itself in an emerging industry: Outsourcing. DRAKKAR succeeded in achieving its first operations management mandates at its clients’ sites.

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The DRAKKAR Group, in business for more than 30 years, is now a world leader in logistics, manufacturing and digital outsourcing. Comprised of three (3) independent, autonomous and distinct companies, namely DRAKKAR Logistics, DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation and DRAKKAR Digital, as well as some 12 affiliated companies, the group acts as a true ecosystem to optimize the performance of major companies in the aerospace, defence, ground transportation, retail and other sectors.

  • CollaborationCollaboration
  • DéterminationDetermination
  • PassionPassion
  • ExcellenceExcellence

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Statement | DRAKKAR

As a people-driven company, we are committed to developing and implementing this corporate social responsibility policy. This policy reflects the fundamental parts of our organization.

Employee Engagement

We rely on significant engagement from our employees for our internal and external activities. We provide a framework that fosters employee engagement through programs for attracting, retaining, building loyalty among and developing employees; mentoring, tutorials and knowledge transfer; and performance management and recognition. Our company’s fundamental values – excellence, passion, determination and collaboration – are also behind our community involvement, which has three major thrusts: support for academic success and combatting early school leaving, juvenile health and cultural diversity. DRAKKAR supports a number of causes in these areas and offers employees the opportunity to get involved in their community.

Health, Safety and Wellness

We are committed to offering a healthy environment that stimulates our employees and ensures their performance and professional development and, most importantly, their health and safety. We create a positive, dynamic, innovative and enriching environment where health, safety and prevention are priorities. With the support of a manager assigned full time to health, safety and wellness, and through our official policy on the matter, we commit to making these priorities part of our business processes and activities and to identify, evaluate and reduce risks for all employees. Through a series of initiatives and activities, particularly the Healthy Living Program, we promote employee wellness and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Ecology and the Environment

Environmental issues play an important role in our processes and decisions. Every day we strive to reduce our ecological footprint. Our efforts include using video conferencing to reduce travel; donating computer equipment to charities; improving recycling programs in our offices; reducing the consumption of paper by using two-sided printing and scanning.

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

We are committed to offering a work environment that fosters equity, inclusion and diversity among employees. We want to build a healthy company that reflects society, where equal opportunity is a fundamental principle. We recognize the importance of accepting these three precepts – equity, inclusion and diversity – within our organization with respect to nationality, colour, religion, place of origin, ability, sex, age, etc. And we meet our legal obligations in this area.

Corporate Governance and Organization

We are committed to ensuring the growth of our company through sound management and governance practices for our operations. We develop and follow clear, strict policies for protecting our assets; these policies are part of an official framework of internal controls to achieve the company’s financial objectives.

Our business partnerships are based on respect and values such as communication and transparency to ensure our services are marketed honestly. We ensure that all of the company’s efforts and activities comply with regulations and laws in effect, maintaining the organization’s health and reputation.

Social Commitments

A choice for youth: employment, education and health

Indeed, youth, employment, education and health are at the heart of the company’s commitments. These social commitments have become an integral part of the company’s activities and values, because they have grown out of the personal choices and involvement of our two presidents over the years.

DRAKKAR is involved and active in the following organizations:

L'Ancre des Jeunes

Ancre des Jeunes offers students in Southwest Montreal who are having a hard time staying motivated at school and in danger of dropping out a structured environment and quality services suited to their needs, to help them realize their potential and better fit in at school, at work and in society. This organization offers concrete solutions to help over 90% of young dropouts go back to school. DRAKKAR has been involved with the organization for more than 25 years.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)

The JDRF’s mission is to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through supporting research. DRAKKAR first became involved through the annual fundraising committee. Since 2010, we take part in the annual Ride for Diabetes Research event: our teams and many partners are mobilized for the cause every year.


We have been a proud partner of Academos for a few years already. This free social network allows youth aged 14 to 30 to get in touch with real-world professionals and workers. The goal is to prepare the next generation by helping it fulfil professional life projects, lowering the dropout rate and improving the graduation rate. In addition to our commitment to this cause, some of our employees also act as mentors to contribute to this mission worthy of mention.

Réseau réussite Montréal

This group’s objective is to increase perseverance and success in school and promote the return to school. For almost 15 years, DRAKKAR has helped promote initiatives to encourage the business community to mobilize around concrete efforts to help young people develop their potential.


The purpose of this organization is to recognize, honour and promote the commitment of youth through projects that enhance knowledge and help develop a taste for success, personal achievement and civic mindedness. DRAKKAR is a “Grand Ami” supporter and contributes to the success of the annual recognition gala.

Fondation du Cégep André-Laurendeau bursary program

For close to ten years, DRAKKAR has been offering scholarships to deserving students in transportation logistics at the Cégep André-Laurendeau to encourage their determination, talent and success at school.

Leaders Diversité

DRAKKAR helped create and implement this network that contributes to the economic development of Quebec in working toward an understanding and valuing of the skills and talents of immigrants and people from cultural communities to help them participate in the labor market and business networks.  

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