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Our Logistics Outsourcing Services
Our logistics outsourcing services

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics” – Sun Tzu (544-496 BC)

Regardless of the industry in which you work, logistics is likely at the heart of your success. At DRAKKAR Logistics, we have made it our reason for being. Through our logistics outsourcing activities (3PL), we take your operations to the next level of excellence!

Whether it is to outsource your freight management B2B or B2C fulfillment and kitting management, DRAKKAR Logistics has a solution tailored to your needs. Within our own facilities, we ensure that your objectives are met, and your processes are optimized. 

How do you combine world-class service with effective logistics cost management? Our team has developed a structured partnership approach that allows us to combine our offer with industry best practices to enhance your logistics performance. Technology, multidisciplinary teams, operational discipline and, above all, the pooling of logistics resources are just a few of the factors that have built our reputation.  

Freight management
Freight management

Your company can take advantage of a one-stop shop approach for managing your international, express and road (TL, LTL) shipping service across North America. As certified freight forwarders and experts in Canada/U.S. cross-border transport, our brokerage specialists can support you in any sector of activity, from our offices in Canada and United States.

Supported by a leading-edge technology platform, we can use our unique approach to evaluate your current method for exports, imports and road transport to institute a rapid, safe and more cost-effective process.

Warehousing solutions complement our freight management services in response to your immediate needs for storage space. Our two (2) warehouses in Montreal and Toronto rapidly move inventory, optimize workflows and reduce your operating costs.

  • Brokerage for full, partial and oversized loads
  • Small package brokerage and lost item return
  • Air and ocean international shipping
  • Optimization and management of shipping bids
  • Traffic department outsourcing
  • Short to medium-term storage
  • Proximity to clients and railways
  • De-stuffing, storage, and dispatching of goods worldwide
  • Real-time management of inventory through a best-in-class WMS solution
  • Customer web portal for complete  visibility on all your goods

The specialists at Trinet Global Logistics, our affiliate company, our affiliates, has been providing freight forwarding services since 1998. In collaboration with its clients throughout North America, Trinet works to find solutions that meet their requirements for international freight transportation: identify needs, evaluate their current methods of exports and imports, and so on. Through its network of carriers and management system, it builds and deploys a solution that simplifies client operations, which ultimately saves them money and increases their efficiency.

Fulfillment & Kitting Management
Fulfillment management

DRAKKAR Logistics can manage your order processing, warehousing and distribution operations. Our approach, which focuses on quality, productivity and mobilizing the labour force daily, will help you achieve substantial operational and customer service gains.

Regardless of your industry or your products, our services are offered on our own sites, with incredible efficiency and at competitive pricing.

  • Ecommerce Pick Pack Ship operations 
  • Kitting, labelling and repacking
  • Stores fulfillment operations
  • Integration and compliance to major eCom marketplaces
  • Operations at our own fulfillment centers

WIPTEC, one of our affiliate companies, is a privately-owned Quebec company founded in 2002, situated in Sherbrooke, Quebec. WIPTEC is a leading expert in the preparation and distribution of orders (pick-pack-ship) in B2B (retail) and B2C (e-commerce) markets. Its modern technological infrastructure spans a surface of over 600 000 square feet where, more than 300 employees work on a daily basis, shipping over 25000 parcels per day.

A leader always in search of innovative solutions, WIPTEC offers companies all over the world, comprehensive, efficient, integrated and highly strategic solutions, from post-production product support to shipping to point-of-sale or residential addresses. Its operations also include assembling activities, kitting, inventory management and process engineering. Proprietor of its own software technology, LEAD WMS, WIPTEC combines quality, productivity and advanced technology in its numerous fulfillment centers.

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Service Update

Our Fleet and Dock outsourcing operations will now be provided by a new affiliate of DRAKKAR, Ekkinox! 

Learn more at Ekkinox.com