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Everything is decided during the interview. How to successfully get through this critical step.

Congratulations, your application has been shortlisted! 
Next step: the inevitable job interview. You will have only one chance to make a good impression. So, prepare yourself and give your best.

First of all: preliminary research

Given the same level of competence, a candidate who is well-prepared for the interview will have a head start over the others. You thus demonstrate your genuine interest in joining the team and organization.

First of all, research the organization. On its website, you will certainly find an “About us” or “Our team” tab as well as news for the public and for investors.

Ensure that you fully understand the organization’s activity sector and its services, as well as its philosophy and its social commitments. Take note of the organization’s current context: growth, acquisitions, new offices…

You will thus give yourself the edge!


You may need to pass a pre-screening telephone interview before being invited to an in-person interview. In such a case, it is the first 30 seconds of the interview that will make the difference. The interviewer wants to hear a dynamic person who responds to questions comfortably and concisely.

This call can happen at any moment, so stay tuned!



Be totally ready to reply to the various questions that you may be asked.

These questions will often relate to your experience, your previous jobs, your skills and the areas that need improvement. You will certainly be asked why you have left your previous employer, and why you are the best candidate for this job.

Certain behavioural type interviews will be based on scenarios. You should prepare some concrete examples: main achievements, resolution of difficult situations, etc.

Finally, it is recommended to consult the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile. You will thus be able to adapt your approach according to their situation, history and points that you have in common.


Here are the ground rules for the beginning:

  1. Arrive for the interview about 15 minutes ahead of time
  2. Plan your schedule accordingly; a quality interview may last up to 90 minutes
  3. Your dress should be neutral and professional, according to the position you are seeking
  4. Never address the interviewer by their first name unless you are given permission to do so
  5. Shake the interviewer’s hand firmly, but without crushing it
  6. Don’t sit down until you are invited to do so


Throughout the course of the interview, take the following elements into account:

  1. Maintain a straight posture
  2. Make eye contact with your interviewer 
  3. Be enthusiastic and confident, while remaining calm
  4. Smile!
  5. Take the time to think before responding
  6. Don’t just reply with a « yes » or a « no »; elaborate but don’t stretch your answer needlessly
  7. Speak the truth
  8. Don’t hesitate to ask your own questions, but make sure that they are pertinent
  9. At the end of the interview, thank your interviewer for having met with you and shake hands 


Afterwards, do a follow-up:

  • Send an email or a letter to the persons who interviewed you to thank them for having taken the time to meet with you. Briefly reiterate your interest in their organization. It is also the time to focus on what sets you apart or to adjust/clarify your response to a question that had caught you off-guard.
  • Call the person whom you met to follow up. If your candidacy was unsuccessful, ask why. This will allow you to better prepare for your next interview.

You are ready for an interview and you want to discuss about our job offers?

Service Update

Our Fleet and Dock outsourcing operations will now be provided by a new affiliate of DRAKKAR, Ekkinox! 

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