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Your online presence has an important impact on your job search. Use our tips to give yourself the best chance of success!

Your Web presence can have a major impact on your job search: in certain areas, your professional profile is even more important than your curriculum vitae! Here is some simple advice to enhance your social media presence.

Create your professional profile

  1. Create a profile (on LinkedIn, for example) with the contents of your up-to-date curriculum vitae without any language errors
  2. Highlight the top keywords of your profile, particularly in your title and your resume (skills, knowledge of certain software, education and experience)
  3. If you include a photo, ensure that it is professional: you appear alone, dressed for work, with a neutral background and your face in the foreground
  4. In a similar vein, ensure that you use a professional email address
  5. Obtain recommendations from superiors, colleagues and clients to increase your credibility
  6. Build an extensive network and participate in pertinent discussion groups to optimize your job search
  7. Broadcast news and pertinent articles for your network and your field of activity, avoiding personal and controversial subjects
Social Media

Protect your privacy!

If you use other social networks for personal use, don’t forget to activate the confidentiality options to ensure a clear separation between your personal and professional lives. By using a nickname and a different email address, you will strengthen this confidentiality.

Your Web presence is optimized and you want to discuss our job offers?

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